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Why Vivaly

Vivaly was created to bring you the best products of Amazon Jungle directly to you. Vivaly skin oil will make your skin smooth, soft and shining all year round.


Nature is a limited resource that we have to respect, which is why Vivaly is all about becoming a team with Mother Nature. 

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In a world where our body is exposed to chemicals and toxic substances almost every day, natural skin care is becoming more and more important.

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Directly to you

In order to keep the price down and less carbon footprint, we give it directly to you.

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Vivaly skin oil

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€ 24,49

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Customers experiences

Fantastic product!
The oil deeply penetrates the skin and makes it shine all day.

Shideh Bergseth

I used to have very dry hands.

Not anymore with Vivaly acai oil!

Erling Løken Andersen

About acai oil

With Acai oil, you will achieve the desired smooth and soft skin.

The perfect combination of all-natural ingredients helps to protect your skin against damage from environmental exposures and helps to revitalize it.

The rich moisturizing properties of the oil ensure it is quickly absorbed into your skin after applying, which leaves the skin glowing and feeling soft.

Anti-oxidants in its composition, among other vital nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids help in ensuring the acai oil effect lasts longer on your skin than conventional cosmetics.